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We have a few different options for kennels for pet lodging. We have:

  1. 3 foot x 6 foot Indoor/Outdoor Runs

  2. 3 foot x 6 foot Indoor Only Runs
  3. Small & Large Cages

Exercise and Socialization- We will tailor an exercise program for each individual animal. Each dog will go on a daily walk of up to 3 miles or a stroll in the back yard, depending on the dog’s needs according to age and condition. We have a fenced in play yard where the dogs can receive socialization and enrichment with other dogs. All dogs are taken outside 3 times per day for bathroom breaks.

The clinic will provide blankets, food dishes and collars and leashes. We do encourage you to bring in your dog’s normal food along with feeding instructions. However, we do offer IVET dog food if you’re unable to bring your dog’s normal diet.

Dropping off for boarding can occur between 7:30am and 5pm Monday through Saturday. Pick up time will be any time after 12pm Monday through Saturday. This allows us time to give your dog a complimentary bath with drying time before they go home. All dogs are required to be current on all vaccinations and records must be given at arrival time.

If you are interested in boarding your dog, call to schedule a lodging appointment with us today! 

Canine Lodging