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Dentistry is an important aspect of any pet’s health and well-being. Dental disease (or periodontal disease) is the number one cause of heart disease but can also affect other organs such as kidneys, liver and lungs. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease by the age of 3. It’s something that can be easily prevented through daily brushings and routine dental cleanings.

Common signs of dental disease include:

1.         Yellow or brown buildup (tartar) on the teeth

2.         Red, swollen or bleeding gums

3.         Bad breath (Halitosis)

4.         Excessive drooling

5.         Changes in chewing or eating habits

6.         Pawing at the face

7.         Loose teeth

8.         Depression

We offer a full dental work-up for your pets that includes a comprehensive dental examination, teeth cleaning and polishing and dental radiography.

Schedule an appointment with us today for a dental cleaning. We will ensure good dental health and offer demonstrations on teeth cleaning.