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Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition is a vital aspect in your pet’s health. A good diet can prevent different problems such as allergies, skin and coat disorders, nutritional deficiencies and obesity.

While choosing an appropriate and healthy diet can be difficult, we are here to ease the burden. There are different factors to look at when choosing a food. They include:

  1. Age of animal (Baby vs Adult vs Senior)

  2. Size of animal (Small Breed vs Large Breed)

  3. Medical conditions- There are foods with specific ingredients that can help with medical conditions.

We offer two different types of pet food. The first is Hill’s which is a high-quality food company that offers a large variety of regular food and prescription diets. The second is IVET, another high-quality food that is only sold by veterinary clinics. IVET is a small company based in Kansas. All ingredients come from North America and have never been recalled.

If you have any nutritional questions, call and make and schedule an appointment with us today!