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Vaginal Cytology- It is a lab procedure that involves swabbing the dog’s vagina and examining under a microscope. This procedure determines the stage of a dog’s estrous cycle for breeding purposes.

Progesterone Testing- Testing for progesterone levels can help determine the best time to breed or artificially inseminate your breeding dog. We collect a blood sample and the test is performed at the local hospital.

Artificial insemination (AI)- Artificial insemination is a useful tool for breeding animals. We can collect the sample from the male dog and inseminate the female dog.

Cesarean Section (C-Section)- Most mothers can deliver without complications but occasionally a dog or cat is unable to deliver without medical intervention. If a C-section is needed, the animal is sedated with gas anesthesia and intubated. The surgery is performed as efficiently as possible in order to have the best outcome for the babies.

Ultrasound- A useful tool in determining pregnancy is the ultrasound. It can give an estimation on how many babies to expect. 

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