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We offer professional pet styling services

Pet Styling

We offer professional pet styling services for your dogs and cats.  Pet Styling includes a bath, haircut, anal gland expression, ear and eye cleaning and a nail trim. 

Our stylist, Melissa, has been in the industry for 26 years.  Since joining the team at Creekside, she has a renewed passion for making pets look and feel their best.  Melissa’s very first grooming was her family’s long haired cat, Fluffy, when she was 15 years old.  She hand scissored Fluffy in short increments over the course of 2 days.  Little did she know, that interest would end up being a wonderful career choice!

Chasity is very excited to be back in the Mitchell area.  She received her certification through Petco and has been grooming since October 2017.  Her main priority is the safety and wellbeing of the pets during the entire grooming process.

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To schedule a styling appointment or for applying nail caps, call us today at 605-990-3388.

Grooming not only makes your pets look nice, it also has many health benefits as well.  A well-maintained coat can reduce skin irritations.  Regular bathing can also keep skin infections at bay.  Trimmed nails lessen strain and pressure on joints making it easier for dogs to walk, while regular ear cleaning can help with ear infections.

Great News

Alternative to declawing

There’s an alternative to declawing! And here at Creekside Veterinary Clinic, we are available to help!  Nail caps are a great alternative to declawing, and here’s why:

  • Easy application requiring minimal if any sedation time.
  • Generally, lasts 6-12 weeks (depending on feline activity and nail growth)
  • Discourages felines from scratching.
  • Safer for felines, families and children.
  • Prevents scratching of furniture, carpet or other personal belongings.
  • Developed by veterinarian using soft, nontoxic material that doesn’t damage feline nails or nail beds.
  • Quicker results and much less pain involved for feline compared to declawing.

Pet Styling – Before & After